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STM32L0 I2C: Is NBYTES[7:0] latched upon START condition and can not be changed until TCR flag is high?

Question asked by Pieter Conradie on Apr 6, 2018

Hi everyone,


I'm trying to create my own blocking I2C driver and want to split the usage up into a few primitive functions, e.g. for I2C Master Transmitter, the following functions apply:


bool i2c_start_write(uint8_t sla_adr);

bool i2c_wr_u8(uint8_t data);

bool i2c_stop(px_i2c_handle_t * handle);


In i2c_start_write() I do the following:

1. Wait until I2C_ISR_BUSY=0

2. I2C_CR2_SADD = sla_adr

3. I2C_CR2_RD_WRN = 0

4. I2C_CR2_RELOAD = 1

5. I2C_CR2_NBYTES = 0 (I do not know yet how many bytes will be needed to be transmitted)

6. I2C_CR2_START = 1 (to generate START condition and SLA+W)

7. Wait until I2C_CR2_START = 0

8. Check I2C_ISR_NACKF to verify that I2C slave ACK'd


In i2c_wr_u8() I do the following:

9. Check that I2C_ISR_BUSY=1

10. I2C_CR2_NBYTES = 1 (I want to transmit one byte)

11. Wait until I2C_ISR_TCR is set (??)

12. TXDR = data (??)

13. Wait until I2C_ISR_TCR  is set(??)


At step 10 I can change I2C_CR2_NBYTES, but the I2C peripheral does not pick up this change and start the transmission sequence. Is there a way to "kick-start" the RELOAD process?


Am I forced to load NBYTES before I begin the START condition?


Thanks in advance,