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stm32f407vet6 MCU general questions

Question asked by Andrew Crawford on Apr 5, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2018 by Andrew Crawford

Hey everyone, I'm new to these microcontrollers and new to these MCUs in general, and had a few questions... First off, i have some experience using Arduinos, so I'm somewhat familiar with the functionality and programming involved, and I've done all the research I can as far as finding the compatible software for programming, and looking more into the arm assembly language involved (in case I need it alongside c), but I wanted to ask more about the capabilities of the board, and whether or not I can do certain things.


The board Ive ordered has a built in SD card reader and claims to have pins supporting an LCD screen, wireless, etc... So I was wondering if it may or may not be possible to run a light version of Linux (with a GUI) off of it, maybe using a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. The only operating system I've found is the rtos, which definitely seems appealing for its own ease of use and purposes, but I was wondering if these boards were even capable of running anything with a GUI, if optimally configured (or if any such thing may already exist). Thanks!


*As a side note, I'm not necessarily asking if it's already been done, I would just as well be interested in doing it myself, just wondering if the capabilities may or may not potentially be there. Thanks!