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Why do MCM_Park and MCM_Rev_Park use non-standard equation forms?

Question asked by Jeffery Scott on Apr 5, 2018

I'm trying to compare the SVPWM code with what we have today, and as a precaution I also looked at the inverse park routine. I noticed that MCM_Rev_Park uses a different form than most others use, and the MCM_Park transform seems to match this. Comments showing a comparison between CMSIS and MCSDK code is shown below.



 Valfa= Vq*Cos(theta)+ Vd*Sin(theta)
 Vbeta=-Vq*Sin(theta)+ Vd*Cos(theta)



Id = Ialpha * cosVal + Ibeta * sinVal;

Iq = -Ialpha * sinVal + Ibeta * cosVal;


I'm looking at MCSDK V5.0.