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Wrong PLL prediv calculation in LL driver when using the HSE?

Question asked by Martin Rm on Apr 5, 2018
Latest reply on May 11, 2018 by Imen D



I think there is a possible BUG in LL libraries when using the HSE.

My controller is a stm32f103t8 with an external Oszillator.
I use LL version V1.1.1.


The following function in stm32f1xx_ll_rcc.h should return the prediv factor for the PLL.


__STATIC_INLINE uint32_t LL_RCC_PLL_GetPrediv(void)
#if defined(RCC_CFGR2_PREDIV1)
  return (uint32_t)(READ_BIT(RCC->CFGR2, RCC_CFGR2_PREDIV1));
  return (uint32_t)(READ_BIT(RCC->CFGR, RCC_CFGR_PLLXTPRE));
#endif /*RCC_CFGR2_PREDIV1*/


The problem is now that this function returns the bit value in that register, here 2^17 if set - not the factor itself
The function RCC_PLL_GetFreqDomain_SYS() in stm32f1xx_ll_rcc.c calculates the pll input frequency in that way:

case LL_RCC_PLLSOURCE_HSE:       /* HSE used as PLL clock source */
   pllinputfreq = HSE_VALUE / (LL_RCC_PLL_GetPrediv() + 1U);

The result is that the HSE_VALUE is divided by the bit position 2^17, the result is a wrong pll frequency.

The problem is that this functions is called indirect in LL_USART_Init, i2c and more. So the USART doesn't work
with the HSE in F1 LL drivers.

I think in the function LL_RCC_PLL_GetPrediv above is the shift operator missing in that way:




Or do I have missed something?


Thank You