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SPC560B-DIS , watch dog issue in debug mode .

Question asked by Alok Nigam on Apr 6, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2018 by Alok Nigam

I am using SPC560B-DIS  discovery board and UDE STK 4.8  debugger for my project .


I am facing issue with watchdog during debugging  , i have set my watchdog in window mode

with time out period of 100 ms , and window as 50 ms .


I am not servicing watchdog to check whether watchdog  reset or not after 100 ms , by analyzing one pin state 

in oscilloscope .In oscilloscope i am able to see pin state change for very short time , but differences between consecutive peaks is coming accurately 100 ms . 


I have put FRZ bit as 0 so watchdog  counter will increment in debug mode .


Issue : When i debug the code using UDE STK 4.8 , reset is happening and continuous 

warning messages are displaying in log window with time stamps .


But when i am putting the break point in main , it is not hitting frequently but randomly

like sometimes in seconds , sometimes in minutes . 


But warning in message log is displaying very frequently. 


I don't know the cause of this issue , any help will be appreciated for solving this issue .