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STM32F769-Disco with STemWin - Problem refreshing TFT

Question asked by Luis Pereira on Apr 4, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2018 by Clive One



I have a STM32F769-Disco, which I am using to study the STM32F7 peripherals for a project. I am now trying to test USB and Ethernet peripherals, writing some text do the display and here I found my problems. I can write successfully to display using emWin, but after some time, I cannot update anything on the TFT. I tried with GUI_DispStringAt, and it stop writing. I tried with Text widget with callbacks, and nothing worked. So I tried this simple code:


    GUI_DispStringAt("HELLO", 10, 20);
    GUI_DispStringAt("HELLO2", 10, 50);
    while (1) {


        GUI_DispStringAt("HELLO3", 10, 70);


And "HELLO" and "HELLO2" are written, "HELLO3" never show up.


I want to note that I have a board, made my me, with an STM32F7 and a RGB screen. The code above work as expected, with all 3 "Hello" written. So I'm thinking this is a problem with the communication with discovery screen? Maybe DSI?


Thanks for you attention on this subject.


Luis Pereira