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LIS2DH12: Measures higher accelerations than maximum range of 16 g

Question asked by Philipp D on Apr 5, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2018 by Miroslav B

I'm currently testing the LIS2DH12 for a project concerning shock detection and measurement.


My first question is:

Which scaling factor do I have to use at the threshold registers and which one at the readout values for +- 16 g, Low Power mode (LP). Do I get this right that they are different?

Readout values: 192 mg / LSB

Threshold registers (INT1_THS, INT2_THS):  186 mg / LSB


My next question is about the maximum valid range

I tested the maximum readout values at +-16 g in low power mode at 5376 Hz.

Inside the OUT register I do have 8 bit-values of +127 or -128 at one or two out of the 3 axis.

That would mean: 127 x 0.192 g = 24.384 g

Is this value still correct because it's a bit more than 10 % above the maximum range of +- 16g?


Many thanks in advance for your help!

(Miroslav B)