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SPWF04SA datasheet clarifications

Question asked by Michael Stevens on Apr 3, 2018

Hi ST team,


Looking over the device datasheet, I had expected to see maximum current consumption at least under TX and RX conditions so I can design power management appropriately.  When this information is missing, I typically look for a maximum ICC specification as the next best point of reference but that's missing as well.  Has there been any testing or is there a maximum ICC by device design to which I can design my power management solution?


Second item:


HSE and LSE signals;  I found a post at Migrating from the SPWF01Sx to the SPWF04Sx  that says to ignore these pins and float.  The X-NUCLEO board ties these to a crystal and RTC respectively.  What purpose do these serve?  Also, if these are inputs, shouldn't these be tied to a logic level to prevent oscillating inputs?