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SPW04Sx Handshake certificate isue

Question asked by yoann LBY on Apr 3, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2018 by Elio Cometti



SPWF047Sx, mode AP, FW1.1.0

CA, cert, key loading with AT+STLSCERT + datetime

cert 2x ecc bundle (prime256V1)


client connect to the wifi open.

next is AT+S.HTTPGET=,conf,45061,2,,,config.txt,
AT-S.Skip CA
AT-S.Skip CA
AT-S.Http Client Error:2


On the client (server https node js), i have bad signature and if i check AN4963 the problem is during decoding the CertificateVerify message: 


If the client has sent a digital certificate to the server, the client sends a CertificateVerify message signed with the client's private key. By verifying the signature of this message, the server can explicitly verify the ownership of the client digital certificate.


the size of signature sent by server to client (serverKeyexchange) is 71 bytes.

the size of signature sent by client to server (CertificateVerify) is 70 bytes.

Is it the problem?

(if i use other client (curl) to do same test with same certificate, it works and size of signature for message CertificateVerify is 71 bytes)