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STEMWIN porting on orient LCD

Question asked by sanjeev majumdar on Apr 3, 2018
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i have a custom board based on stm32f769. i have interfaced orient 7inch lCD 800*480 in RGB mode. i could successfully configure the LTDC and external SDRAM (FMC based 32MB) and tried out displaying static image using layer 0. now i would like to port STEMWIN lib for my LCD and try out examples based on that. LCD has HI8264+HI8664 driver. based on the STEMWIN starting guide i configured the GUIConf.c and LCDConf.c and used GUIDRV_LIN_24 with GUICC_M888 but no luck.

i have added necessary lib for Keil as well as the STEMWIN lib components.


can anybody please suggest whether LIN driver is compatible for HI8264 / HI8664?