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STM8 Assembler using STVD with Assembler / Linker Toolchain

Question asked by findlay.alistair on Aug 10, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2011 by Romanato.Marco
Further to a previous enquiry regarding "The parameter is incorrect" issue with STVD.
I've installed STVD V4.2.1 and Patch 2  but I'm still struggling with this problem of "The parameter is incorrect" on an ST8 application using the Assembler / Linker toolchain with STM8 Assembler code.

I've tried to run the ST7 example 'realtime' supplied with STVD and this will not work either.

With STM8
The system loads the mapping.asm and main.asm automatically and when a build is attempted the system reports

   ST Visual Develop
The executable could not be found
You can fix it by editing your toolset settings etc. etc.

It hangs up while attempting to assemble mapping.asm  and reports

Error creating process for executable asm
The parameter is incorrect
Failed to create process.

All files ie assembler, linker etc are located in a single project file and this is the path shown in project settings.

What executable is it referring to? I am assuming it is the assembler executable.

Any idea what's going on and how I can work round it?

I'm running Windows XP on a fairly high spec machine.

Thanks in anticipation of a solution.