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LPS33HW - false reading both pressure and temp

Question asked by Dimitar Dyakov on Apr 3, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2018 by Dimitar Dyakov

Hi guys,

I have STEVAL-MKI183V1 connected to stm32l476rg NUCLEO. I have downloaded the C example code. Setup the SPI and the Interrupt pin using STM32CubeMX. With the help of some example code i hooked it all up. 


I get correct value for WHO_AM_I (0Fh) register. 


This is what i get on the logical analyzer. First one is the temperature and the second one is the air pressure. 
I get 43.06 degC and air pressure of about 1027 hPa which puts me -120m underground. I am quite sure i am not underground and it is not 43 deg.  


After reset I am using the default settings 10hz, BDU bit set. No change from the example.


What i have noticed is that when i apply heat to the sensor the air pressure goes down, while the temperature is more or less the same. Any advice? What have i missed? Magic spell, as long as it does the trick?