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LIS2DH12: High and Low Interrupt for all axis

Question asked by Philipp D on Apr 2, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2018 by Philipp D

I'm currently trying to configure the LIS2DH12 sensor to enable high and low interrupt on all axis.


My target is to implement a shock detection and therefore I plan to use all axis (x,y,z) and as well high and low thresholds to detect every possible shock.


Therefore I configure the active interrupts at INT1_CFG (I'm only using INT1 as I plan to use INT2 for a tilt detection).

For this reason I wanted to program the INT1_CFG register with 0b00111111.

Unfortunately when I program '0b00111111' no interrupt will be triggered (ISR not executed).

I tried the following combinations:


// setup INT1_CFG
data = 0b00111111; // all axis -> not working
data = 0b00101010; // only high interrupts for x,y,z -> works
data = 0b00010101; // only low interrupts for x,y,z -> not working
data = 0b00101000; // only high interrupts for y,z -> works

// not working: ISR not triggered

// works: ISR triggered


Maybe you could help me, I think I got something wrong.


Many thanks in advance for your help!