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ST32CubeMx and GRAPHICS configuration

Question asked by parli.stefan on Apr 2, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2018 by Imen D


i am trying to configure my the CubeMX for my STM32F429I Disc 1 board to show the default hello world sample, which is generated from the Cube. 


I have try very much an have read the example in the firmeware packegs (1.19.0). I have attached the .ioc file.

In the moment i get only a quarter white image on the display (see attached image). 


I want to attached the complete project, but the size is bigger than 50MB so i can only descripe what i have done after the generation of the project.


I have copied the files like in the video and with the BSD it works correctly ( i have comment out the GRAPHICS_XXX lines).

STM32CubeMX Graphic LCD using STM32F429I-DISCO part1 [1/2] - YouTube 


But when i will use the GRAPHICS_XXX nothing will work correctly.


I have tryied to compare the settings from the Example (STM32F429I_DISO_MB1075), which works correctly.


I have no glue, what i have do wrong. Can someone help  me with the problem?


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