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LTDC & F746G-Discovery Timing

Question asked by greenwood.greg on Apr 3, 2018

I am wondering if the timings are set correctly in CubeMx for the LTCD Configuration for the F746G-Discovery board.  I find that if I run with the default settings in CubeMx for this board the display often is very noisy, colors completely wrong, flickering, with horizontal and vertical lines missing.  I checked the data sheet for the display and the front and back porch for both horizontal and vertical in CubeMx seem way off.  If I comment out the MX_LTDC_Init(); call, the display seems just fine using the Utility logging functions.  In all cases I can find from the Project Examples, the MX_LTDC_Init function or any thing like it is not used.  So I am wondering have these values in the CubeMX been vetted?