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LSM303AGR - Magnetometer: Perpendicular Readings

Question asked by Fraser Law on Apr 2, 2018
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I had a previous post asking how to interpret the values being drawn from the chips registers and I was able to get that working. (LSM303AGR: Magnetometer Interpreting values )


However, it only works as a 360 degree compass when it is perpendicular to the Z axis (right-angled to ground; almost operating/rotating in the X/Y axis). It works a treat when rotating around the X/Y axis but I need it to be rotating around the Z-axis (ironically when the chip is perpendicular to ground i.e. flat). 


Any ideas? Is this common or am I missing a step such as calibration etc?






For anyone with this problem, the sensitivity of the sensor is, for whatever reason, better on its side! This was just a slight offset that can be corrected by plotting your values and centering them around the origin (0,0).