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How to generate project code for STEVAL-SPIN3202?

Question asked by Jim Frederick on Apr 2, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2018 by Jim Frederick

I'm attempting to generate project code for the STEVAL-SPIN3202.


ST32CubeMX doesn't have an option for the STEVAL-SPIN3202 so I tried using the ST Motor Control Workbench and it gives an error "STSPIN mcu not supported in the FW for SDK5".


Meanwhile, I'm using the example project provided in 'STSW-SPIN3202'.


Is there an add-on for ST32CubeMX to generate code for the STEVAL-SPIN3202?

Should the ST Motor Control Workbench generate code for the STEVAL-SPIN3202?

Is the STEVAL-SPIN3202 and older product and maybe I'd find better support for a newer variant?