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Ram execution Problem

Question asked by Mohammed Galal on Apr 2, 2018

Hello all,

I'm trying to execute some part of my code from RAM as this part is executed in low power run mode, so Flash is turned off.

All RAM function I used is working well except the delay fn.

the code I use for delay fn is as follow:


__ramfunc void vDelay_SW_M(uint32_t u32LoopTimes)
/* Decrement nCount value */
while(u32LoopTimes != (uint32_t)0)



I get that warning: Warning[Ta005]: Library call (?dec32_l0_l0) from within a __ramfunc function 

I have found that any fn uses long type variables have the same problem when I try to execute it from RAM.


How can I execute functions, which use Long type variables, from RAM without any problems ??


Thanks in advance.