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Nucleo-F767ZI Pin Voltages are Too High

Question asked by Eric Mintz on Apr 1, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2018 by T J

The pin voltages are too high on my board. The (nominal) 5V pin measures 6.8V, and the 3v3 pin measures 4.7. The board appears to be running normally.


I am powering the board via USB (CN1) JP1 is OFF. JP3 is set to U5V, All other jumpers have their original factory settings.


The board appears to operate OK. I've upgraded its firmware, and have written a simple program that blinks lights. However, I am having trouble getting USB2 communicating with my Linux box, and I worry that I have overdriven my 3V3 FTDI USB cable.


TrueStudio runs well on my computer, and downloads programs to the board without any trouble. Also, I have successfully communicated with various Arduino boards via USB/TTY connections


Can anyone please advise?  Thank you in advance.


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