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STM32L100-DISCO no COM port?

Question asked by Niket Naidu on Mar 31, 2018



I have an STM32L100-DISCO Board. I would like to ask

I have seen in the circuit diagram that the PA9 and PA10 Pins are connected to the USB to program the STM32L100 MCU. However, when I use the same PA9 and PA10 for UART Communication I am unable to see any com port to connect to and see the output.


I even installed the Virtual Com port drivers for my Windows 8 however it still doesn't detect/create a com port for the discovery board.


My question is: 

1. Does the UART Mode not work with the USB out? 

2. Do we have to connect the PA9 and PA10 with an FTDI board to get the data due to (Q 1) 

3. Is there any other way to get data out through the existing USB port.


Thank you,