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Bluecoin power consumption - why and how to minimize?

Question asked by Part Robot on Mar 30, 2018
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I'm noticing that when using the BVLINK or MEMS software with the device paired with an iPhone the BlueCoin is using about 40-45mA. This seems a high. I'm expecting 10-20mA maximum based on other similar products I've used in the past for similar use cases. Additionally, if the power battery levels reported in the iPhone app are accurate (which I doubt since at full charge it reports alternately 97% and 80% charged), then the device appears to shutdown when the LiPo is at 20-30% capacity. This power usage is the same even if the device isn't "doing anything" - i.e. is merely paired with the phone.

Consequently I have the following questions:

1) Does this sound reasonable/correct?

2) Is it possible to shut down all other features to conserve power?

3) Is there an ultra-low power standby mode I can activate? How do I then wake the device?

4) What other power saving measures can I take?

5) Why does the battery level switch between 80% and 97% when fully charged?

Currently my only solution is to hard shut down the device and start it up again every time I wish to use the microphones.

Specifically my use case is to press a button to record some speech and the release the button to stop recording. The battery needs to last at least a week. My space requirements allow for a LiPo up to 500mAh.

I have read the docs available at STEVAL-BCNKT01V1 - BlueCoin Starter kit - STMicroelectronics but they are insufficient. Anything more related to actually programming the BlueCoin would be gratefully received as I'm very new to this particular type of device (I've only programmed Arduinos until now).

Many thanks,