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SPWF04 File print Not Responding

Question asked by shankland.brian on Mar 28, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2018 by shankland.brian

I have been able to use the File Print (AT+S.FSP) in some test situations, but now that I'm using it for real I'm not getting any results.


When I was performing my feasibility tests I was printing sections from within a small text file located in the Application volume.


When i try to do a similar task with a large text or binary file that is on the User Volume the command just hangs with no reply.


I can see from the FSL command that the file is present with the "E" prefix indicating user volume.


Interestingly the AT+S.FSP command when echoed back is not terminated with 0x0D 0x0A as I would have expected (from seeing other command replied) but with 0x0D 0x00


The binary file is 173Kb in size and the text file was 486Kb in case there is a file limit issue with the command.


The command content I was sending was  AT+S.FSP=/firmware.hex,0,256

It does not matter if I try to list the entire file using AT+S.FSP=/firmware.hex,, as this also fails in the same manner.


So is there a known issue with either file size, or using the user flash space with the FSP command?