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embedded world 2018 sample boards

Question asked by richard meinsen on Mar 27, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2018 by richard meinsen

Hi, at the embedded world 2018 particapants could register for a free sample (most/really interesting options not chooseable when i was there). I did that and later got a amazon voucher code via I asked via mail if it would be possible to upgrade the board to another board i'd have more use for (happy to pay the difference) -> no answer. after more than two weeks i thought that I could at least order the board -> amazon voucher code didn't work -> asked for working code -> now answer.


It's not really about the board, It's more about getting no answer to emails i took time to write.

Anyway I'd give the recommendation that stm should not give out vouchers for specific boards if they want go give something out (what is nice). Better give some kind of voucher where one can pick what's really usefull and fill the price gap if needed.

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