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USB Device MSC SD Card Interface troubleshoot

Question asked by Farhan Khan on Mar 26, 2018
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I have STM32L4 based board NUCLEO-L476RG

I have initialised it USB Device Only Mode with Mass Storage Class IP and a microSD Card interfaced on SDIO (1-bit) and from CubeMX.

I am using MSI RC at 48MHz to clock USB.



Based on this example, I have made all the necessary modification in usbd_storage_if.c file.


I am able to get the USB enumerated on the PC when I connect the USB cable, the device appears in Unspecified category.


No new removable drive appears in the system window.



I have checked all the blogs I could and I have gone through the UM1734 User manual STM32Cube USB device library for more than 2 weeks

I have implemented a mouse before this and as well with the same sd config I have initialised FatFS on SD Card I didn't face any problem so I don't think there's some hardware issue.

Any help ?

How can I debug or if something more needs to be done?


Thanks & regards


Amel N, Nesrine M,  Imen D