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HTS221 Cal. Coeficients

Question asked by Remco Kleine on Mar 27, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2018 by Remco Kleine
I implemented the software for the HTS221 in my project and all is working. 
But what I find strange is this, some calibration coefficients are negative!
H0_T0_OUT is -2
H1_T0_OUT = -11728
Although they are negative, the reading for temperature is OK  (seems to be < 1 degrees lower than my reference )
But the Humidity reading is 10% off ( too low)
Now in the examples from the datasheet, the coefficients were positive. 
For example my reading of H_T_OUT = - 784. and in the datasheet it is 5000
Why are these coeficients in the s16 format? Can they be really negative? They are like raw ADC value's right?
Regards Remco