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init nand flash mt39f8g08 in bank3(0X80000000) FAILED?

Question asked by sheng yang on Mar 24, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2018 by sheng yang

my register set around 0xa0000080 was below

and fmc clock was enable

but i still couldn't reset nand flash and read a error nand id as below

my reset nand code as below


#define READ_ID 0x90 #define NAND_RESET 0xFF #define NAND_READSTA 0x70 #define NAND_READY 0x40 static unsigned char reset_stm32nand(void) { volatile unsigned char data = 0; int ret = 0; debug("iysheng nand reseting\n"); *(volatile unsigned char *)(0x80000000 | 1 << 16) = NAND_RESET; do { ret++; *(volatile unsigned char *)(0x80000000 | 1 << 16) = NAND_READSTA; udelay(100); data = *(volatile unsigned char *)(0x80000000); } while((data != NAND_READY) && (ret < 0x1ffff)); return data; }

and my dts file relate fmc nand control pin as below

what's wrong maybe happen???besides these point,is there sth i couldn't get attention cause the problem???