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CubeMX what are expected steps for F767ZIT for FreeRTOS+LwIP+ETH ?

Question asked by Sebastian Gniazdowski on Mar 24, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2018 by Sebastian Gniazdowski

I enable Ethernet in RMII mode, tried PHY address 0 and 1, Ienable FreeRTOS, automatically configure clock, etc. I set breakpoints (SW4STM32) and program waits in lwip's "accept" function, the one that waits for connection. So it looks like some problem with ETH configuration, as I should see the board under local IP, I point browser to port 80, etc. (I'm using simple http server code from here: ).


I just want few basic directions on this. Otherwise I doubt if I receive answer. I'm sure my actions are close to correct, I just need to catch some wrong action, probably on ETH hardware.


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