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SPC56EL Watchdog Timer Interrupt (IVOR12) triggering, but WDT not enabled?

Question asked by Matthew Richardson on Mar 23, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2018 by Matthew Richardson

I don't think I have a timer enabled.  I don't see the WDT setting in the outline, but in the configuration.xml it is disabled.  Most importantly clock_cfg.h is  generated as "#define SPC5_DISABLE_WATCHDOG               TRUE".


However, almost randomly, I am getting an IVOR12 interrupt:

PC 0x00000380

CR 0x44000004

LR 0x00002D78

CTR 0x0


That said, the system runs for ten minutes, one minute, or five, then hangs up in IVOR12.  The only driver I am using is the serial drivers, and may there is an issue there?  It even triggers the ivor when degugging, which I thought the WDT was disabled for debugging as well.