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Question asked by Wei Zhang on Mar 22, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2018 by Wei Zhang

Hi all,

I am currently on a project which leverage the x-cube-cryptolib to send messages cross the network securely. To be specific, I want to use the ECDSA part to sign and verify my messages.  


After some exploration and experiments, I can run through the ECC example. However,  the example used a generated private/public keys (by the lib) which are structured well in memory. I wanted to use my personal private key for sign and my personal public key for verify. 


So here are the questions - 

    1. How can I covert a private key (in pem or hex format)  to an ECCprivKey_stt structre?  

    2. How can I convert a public key (in pem or hex format) to  a  ECpoint_stt  structure? 

    3. How can I convert a signature in hex format  to a  ECDSAsignature_stt structure? 


Any suggestions on these?  are there any apis that cover these parts ?   If I want to implement them, should I deal with the little/big endian issues if the private/public keys come from my MacBook? 


Thank you so much!