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Has any Arduino code been written for the VL53L1X?

Question asked by Andy Saul on Mar 22, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2018 by Roman K

I recently purchased the VL53L1X P-Nucleo kit with extra expansion boards for evaluation of the VL53L1X and suitability of integration into one of our upcoming products. We are exceptionally happy with the performance and capability of the L1X over L0X! In particular the ability to create a distance detection band (our case 300mm to 600mm) which is absolutely fantastic for our product.

My questions are as follows:


We will be using an Arduino beetle in the product for control of the VL53L1X, when will any Arduino code become available? I'm guessing it's similar to the code for the VL53L0X but with additional code for control of the extra parameters? Apologies but I'm not a software bod or I would have had a crack at it myself!


The expansion board kit (VL53L1A1) that comes with 2 breakout boards, has an IR cover window supplied (Oval one) are these available to buy separately? Ideally we would like to be able to source thousands as well as thousands of the VL53L1X breakout boards (A modified version of the current small version of the VL53L0X board would be ideal (the one with single mounting hole in the corner))


In regard to the black oval IR cover window, are these available to buy in an altered version to compensate for being placed on an angled facing. our product wall will be 25 degrees from vertical and it would be nice to have a compensation for this to make the beam horizontal (due to tooling we can't alter the wall) We would like to use the sticky back on the cover window to mount the board, but this will cause the beam angle to point toward the floor 25 degrees)


please help! As we would like to go into production ASAP!