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eTimer Clock selection

Question asked by Sathish Sulegai on Mar 22, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2018 by Erwan Y

Hello Dear Forum members,


This question is regarding SPC560P40L1 controller's eTimer module.


At the moment my eTimer module using "IP Bus clock" which is of 64M Hz. I am using prescaler value of "32" to get 2M Hz to eTimer module.


I want to have clock frequency of 20M Hz(or 40M Hz or multiples of 20M Hz basically).

I see in the block diagram of technical datasheet that(Please see attachments) there is option to choose from clock sources: "Clock" or "IP Bus clock"


The crystal oscillator frequency is 40M Hz. I would like to use this frequency as input to my eTimer module but i don't know how or even it's possible to get this Frequency routed to eTimer ?


I would be happy if someone can share any useful tips or suggestion in this regard.


Best regards