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STM8AF6246 MC problem with Both AWU and Flash write

Question asked by Siva Sankar Chandika on Mar 21, 2018



We are using STM8AF6246 micro-controller for our requirements.

We are using samples provided by ST, while testing we have following scenarios.

  • Auto Wake Up unit is working individually fine.
  • Flash program also working individually (we did settings change for Flash program in ST debugger) good.
  • If we combine both programs AWU and FLASH,

1. flash erase and write operations are not happening and execution is not in our control

2. we are not getting expected results and controller enter in to use less state for some time in that time we are unable to flash any program in to the controller. Below we have reference error.



Please suggest us to finish this activity (we need combine programs).

Let us know if we miss any settings/ code.

We are looking forward for your response.

Thanks in advance.