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Step-Clock Mode

Question asked by cingolani.marco on Jun 17, 2014
Dear all,
I actually using two l6470 boards (to control two stepper motors), connected in daisy chain configuration also with STM32F4DIS-EXT.
I don't understand very well how to control these drivers in STEP-CLOCK mode.
For example, using the command dSPIN_Step_Clock(DIR) I noticed that the bit 15 of  the STATUS register (SCK_MOD) change only for one of the two motor and not change for the other: how can I switch both the drivers in STEP-CLOCK mode?
Another problem is that I don't understand how control the movement of motors in this modality; in particular I read that in this modality the motor do a microstep every clock signal in that arrives in the STCK pin, but in which way it is possibile to control it (for example I would use the internal clock of the microcontroller).
There is anyone that can help me or suggest some examples of code useful to a better understanding of STEP-CLOCK modality?
Thanks in advance.
Marco Cingolani