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Unable to run NUCLEO STM32F303 with Atollic (Embedded C program).

Question asked by Giampaolo Pantaleoni on Mar 21, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2018 by Giampaolo Pantaleoni


I'm unable to run NUCLEO STM32F303 board with Atollic (Embedded C Program).

The processor is the STM32F303K8, the program is the template proposed by Atollic.

It's all Ok whith mbed Compiler.

The same program run correctly with NUCLEO STM32L013 and Atollic compiler.

The problem is that the main() function is never reached.

A Hard Fault during the startup phase (file startup_stm32f303x8.s) stops the program.

More in detail, when the instruction "push  {r7} " is executed (after calling SystemInit), a hard fault is generated.

The same don't happens using STM32L013 or STM32F722 MCUs (same program, same compiler).

Can you help me ?