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Calculating crc32 on stm32f769NI

Question asked by Adithya HS on Mar 20, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2018 by Matthew Vernon



I am trying to calculate crc32 on stm32f769NI MCU and found that the generated crc doesn't match the standard crc32 algorithm with 0x4C11DB7 as the polynomial and 0xFFFFFFFF as the initial value. 


I am using this link(Sunshine's Homepage - Online CRC Calculator Javascript ) to compare the crc obtained from stm.


I have configured the board as below.


CRC_HandleTypeDef hcrc;
hcrc.Instance = CRC;
hcrc.Init.DefaultPolynomialUse = DEFAULT_POLYNOMIAL_ENABLE;
hcrc.Init.CRCLength= CRC_POLYLENGTH_32B;
hcrc.Init.DefaultInitValueUse = DEFAULT_INIT_VALUE_ENABLE;
hcrc.Init.InputDataInversionMode = CRC_INPUTDATA_INVERSION_NONE;
hcrc.Init.OutputDataInversionMode = CRC_OUTPUTDATA_INVERSION_DISABLE;


I am calculating crc on a test buffer as below


uint32_t test[] ={49,50,51,52};
CRCValue = HAL_CRC_Calculate(&hcrc,(uint32_t *)test, 4); 


Please let me know if something is wrong or should I add something.


Any help is appreciated.