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GPIO control on BlueNRG2 Sleep

Question asked by dimitri doutriaux on Mar 20, 2018



I am using BlueBRG 2 on a low power application. My device is communicating using SPI to an external device. When I try to go in low power mode, the lowest current consumption that I can achieve is around 90uA.


When the BlueNRG goes to sleep, my GPIO pins that are used for the SPI go to some floating voltage (around 0.8V). As my external device has pull-up resistors (around 80kOhms), and the BlueNRG pins has pull-down resistors (around 100kOhms) , I thought that it could be a voltage divider causing this weird behavior, and it would also be the reason for not being able to reach the announced 1uA current consumption.


I then tried to put the corresponding pins in states that reduce the current consumption (the outputs to a high state to match the pull up resistors, inputs with pull down disabled).


But as soon as the BlueNRG goes to sleep, the selected modes are "erased" and the voltage turns back to 0.8V.


Is there any workaround to maintain my GPIO configuration while in sleep mode?