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LIS3DH low peak to peak values (for machine vibration)

Question asked by hani naanaa on Mar 18, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2018 by Miroslav B

I am using a LIS3DH to measure a machine's vibration, I understand that mems accelerometers are not usually used for this application, but nevertheless, I set up the acc to High resolution mode which gives me a bandwidth of 150Hz. I have the LIS3DH set up and comparing its data with a piezo accelerometer that I have. I noticed that at low frequency (under 40Hz) peak to peak values of both accelerometers are very similar. but when I go over that (80-100 Hz) I start to see a drop in the LIS3DH p-p compared to the other one. Is the LIS3DH just not suitable for this application ?