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Get signal from 2 or more FSR sensor with ADC - STM32F4DISCOVERY

Question asked by Alessandro Greco on Mar 18, 2018

Hi guys, i'm looking to get signal from # FSR sensors with my STM32F4-Discovery. I set PA1 as ADC1_IN1 and after i associated DMA (with STM32CubeMX, HAL driver). So i generated the project and edited with System Workbench for STM32, added an int variable (fsrValue[1]) and in main, i started HAL_ADC_Start_DMA(&hadc1, fsrValue, 1);. It works fine but now i don't know how implement this for 2 or more FSR sensor, i tried to set PA2 with ADC1_IN2 and with ADC2_IN1 but without any results (only signal noise, tested with STM32 Studio,  even if i don't touch the second FSR). Is possible to have an example? Thanks!


PS: i used this video as tutorial: CubeMx HAL ADC STM32F4 DMA StmStudio - YouTube 


See the attachment for the full project