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GSM library for Contiki OS on STM32F411RET6

Question asked by Aishwarye Chauhan on Mar 19, 2018
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I've integrated the following GSM library(with some changes) ,along with eclipse_paho_MQTT device client on STM32F411RET6. I'm using a SIMCOM 7100E LTE module for communication with the cloud (on the gateway side ) and STM spirit1 modules for communication with the nodes. The RTOS I'm currently using is FreeRTOS for managing threads and synchronizing between them.

Now, I want to integrate this with Contiki OS as we have a working 6lowPAN mesh over subGHZ implemented using Contiki's 6lowPAN stack. Although it will be trivial to do so, I still wanted to know a few things :

  1. Is using the aforementioned GSM library the recommended approach.
  2. Are there any alternatives to the above library that might be more popular?
  3. Is Contiki a better solution for STM32F4xx series or should I be using FreeRTOS, any other RTOS ?


The current use-case is Smart Street Lighting so availability of power is not an issue, however we would like to extend it to other use-cases where conserving power might be needed.



Aishwarye Chauhan