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      Stepper Motor Speed Performance (PowerSTEP01 VS Alternative Motor Drive IC)

Question asked by cooke.ernest on Mar 16, 2018
I have an STM32F1 Nucleo Development Board with a PowerStep01 Motor Drive IC.
I have downloaded the X-CUBE-SPN3 source code from the following link on the ST website:
I copied the STM32F0 version of the ‘IHM03A1_ExampleFor1Motor’ example project and I have replaced all the F0 project files with F1 project files as can be seen in the table below: 
The motor that I am using is from Oriental Motors (PKP264D14A2-SG10).
The Back-EMF compensation parameters in the powerstep01_target_config.h file were setup as per the calculations in Application Note AN4144.
The over current threshold and stall threshold were set to their maximum values of 1V.
Initial Setting
The folowing speed parameters were applied:
Acceleration - 10,000 steps/second
Deceleration - 10,000 steps/second
Maximum Speed - 1,100 steps/second
Minimum Speed - 0 steps/second
Full Step Speed - 3,000 steps/second
Step Mode of 1/128th is being used.
I was able to get the source code compiled and downloaded onto the F1 Nucleo board successfully.
I can confirm that when I used the above setting with the source code that the motor operated smoothly with no issues
Setting 2 - Maximum Speed Increased from 1,100 steps/second to 1,200 steps/second.
When I increased the Maximum Speed from 1,100 steps/second to 1,200 steps/second the motor did not operate as smoothly and was getting noticeably noisier.
Setting 3 - Maximum Speed Increased from 1,200 steps/second to 1,800 steps/second.
When I increased the Maximum Speed from 1,200 steps/second to 1,800 steps/second the motor was much nosier and stopped moving when it reached its maximum speed.
Alternative Motor Drive IC
I decided to investigate this further by comparing this motor on an alternative motor drive IC.
I setup the motor using the Initial Settings I described above.  The motor operated perfectly at a maximum speed of 1,100 steps/second.
The motor in fact operated perfectly up to a maximum speed of 1,450 steps/second.  It began to get nosier after this speed but it only stopped moving when the maximum speed was increased to 2,500 steps/second.
This confirms that there is a limitation somewhere with the PowerStep01 IC/PowerStep01 Source Code preventing it to reach the same speed as the alternative motor drive IC.
Can you please suggest any ideas which would improve the performance of this motor?
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