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Vref current required - stm32f103vct6

Question asked by Robert Gornicki on Mar 15, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2018 by T J


I will use this Cortex with both ADC and both DAC active.

The datasheet says the maximum (wort case) current required into Vref is:

220 uA for ADC and 220 uA for DAC.

I am going to apply the separate Vref with a shunt reference hence I need to calculate the pullup resistor. So I must know what is the maximum (worst case) current I must provide for Vref pin.

Is it 2x for ADC + 2x for DAC = 880 uA ?

Or less (as buffered inside the chip) ?

Or even more as the max current for DAC in the datasheet is for "Standby mode, no load". So should I increase the total Vref current still more (for Run mode and some load) ?


Thank you for any help.

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