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Error[Li005] no definition for "HAL_ADC_Init"

Question asked by Dario Laezza on Mar 15, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2018 by Dario Laezza

Hi everyone,

My name is Dario and I'm getting the error above when I try to compile my project. What I'm doing is as follow: I'm trying to take advantage of the P2P demo released for the F4 nucleo and based on the IDS01A4 radio shield, but when I try to activate the ADC peripheral on the Nucleo board there is an error in the linking phase. I realize that the stm32f4xx_hal_adc.h is not in the driver files even if I try to add it through a path different from the ones used by the demo project (preprocessor tab). I also tried to eliminate stm32f4xx_hal_adc.c and add it directely to the Application folder, the problem still persist. Could anyone help me for that kind of problem? Thank you so much