Ed Sutter

Nucleo-F746GZ USB Audio Device

Discussion created by Ed Sutter on Mar 13, 2018

Hi,  I'm hoping to turn an Nucleo-F746GZ board into a USB audio device by connecting to an external codec.  I've seen a few discussions on USB-Audio for STM32, but nothing specific to this board.  Starting from scratch here,  I'm hoping some veterans here can take a quick look at my plan (below) and tell me if its a reasonable approach...


Development board:  I chose the Nucleo-F746GZ because it is very minimal.  I just want access to the I2S pins (to wire up my codec) and the USB port.

Development environment:  My first requirement is 'free', so I played with Atollic and SW4STM32 and quite honestly I prefer just  a makefile and vi.  I've pulled down the the stm32cubef7.zip and ST-Link tool and built/installed a few of the examples.  So far so good.  Any reason I can't stay on this "no-IDE-is-fine-with-me" path?

Development plan: My plan is to attack this in three stages.  I'm new to USB-audio-class coding so, hopefully this isn't totally out of reach...

1. Build the code to turn the board into a USB-audio device and just fake out the PCM flow with either a loopback or pushing up a wav file. 

2. Connect the 'F7 to the codec (a separate eval board) and push and pull audio streams to/from it.

3. Combine steps 1 & 2 to turn the Nucleo-F746GZ into a real audio device.


Can anyone give me a quick clue as to whether or not this is a reasonable approach?  

Thanks in advance,