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Question asked by jamp on Mar 13, 2018

Hello all,

I am facing a problem to update the values when changed. I have an slave bluenrg-1 stand alone which has defined 1 service and 5 characteristics and a master running in coprocessor which has defined 1 service and 5 characteristics.

When declaring service and characteristics everything is fine, I do not get any error.

When I try to update the characteristics from the slave to the master I am using the function aci_gatt_update_char_value() and I received a notification on master but just from one of the characteristics I do not know why I cannot receive the notification from the others characteristics.

Just declaring one of the characteristics, it does not matter which one, I will receive the notification on the master.

2 characteristics have the length of 1 byte, 2 characteristics have the length of 16 bytes and one characteristic the length of 6 bytes.

Anyone has an idea why I am not able to receive all the notifications from the slave?

Thank you