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VL53L1 - Multiple ROI Issues

Question asked by Itamar Eliakim on Mar 13, 2018
Latest reply on May 24, 2018 by john kvam



At the MWC 2018, ST presented a demo with RGB camera and the VL53L1x with multiple measurement points on the live image.

I got the evaluation boards this week, the datasheet and API manuals online for this device don’t have enough details how to operate this configuration for multiple ROI,

I tried to work through this using the example code but the results does make any sense, the distance measurement seems to be correct but it’s similar on all of the pixels within the aperture even when I cover just half of the sensor.

Did someone succeed operating the ROI to sense the distance in specific pixel within the aperture?


I've developed a small test app for the multiple ROI, here i'm covering half of the sensor, as you can see all pixels returns around the same result: