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SPWF04 SPI problem

Question asked by Luciano Rosa on Mar 12, 2018

Hello I have a SPWF04 Wifi Module and I've tried to use the SPI interface to communicate with it but without success..
Could anyone help me to configure the SPWF04 module in spi mode?


here are the my (unsuccesful) steps:
   step 1: phisycal pull-up on GPIO9
   step 2: configure host (STM32L476) pin as EXTI Line on Falling edge (connected to SPWF04 GPIO9)
   step 3: reset Wifi Module from my host by driving down nRESET pin, wait some hundreds of milliseconds, driving hi                nRESET pin.
   step 4: every time the host receives an Exti, read 5 bytes over SPI(according SPI packet format in UM2114 at page                11) to decode start message, kind of event, indication number, payload lenght
   step 5: check first received byte and verify that his value is 0x02


at this point I have to stop because first byte is not 0x02 as indicated in UM2114.


SPI Host interface is configured with:
frame format = Motorola
First bit = MSB First

Data Size = 8bit
Baud Rate = 8Mbit/s
CPOL = Low
CPHA = 1st Edge


the DS lascks some information with this regard. What am I doing wrong?


Thank you