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HAL I2C gets into endless IRQ Handler.

Discussion created by Youssouf Coulibaly on Mar 13, 2018
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Hi everybody,


I am using the STM32L071CZ type within an I2C interface to communicate with my external device.

For some reasons, it appears that the code is stilling in I2C1_IRQHandler.

I am using the I2C_Mem_Write_DMA and I2C_Mem_Read_DMA  and somehow the code is in interrupt endless loop. 

And when the issue happens the content of ISR register is always set to 0x8003.



void I2C1_IRQHandler(void)
      if(hi2c1->Instance->ISR & (I2C_FLAG_BERR | I2C_FLAG_ARLO | I2C_FLAG_OVR))


in HAL_I2C_EV_IRQHandler(hi2c1) it is getting called the following function.


static HAL_StatusTypeDef I2C_Master_ISR_DMA(struct __I2C_HandleTypeDef *hi2c, uint32_t ITFlags, uint32_t ITSources) 
      uint16_t devaddress = 0U;
      uint32_t xfermode = 0U;


      /* Process Locked */



      else if(((ITFlags & I2C_FLAG_STOPF) != RESET) && ((ITSources & I2C_IT_STOPI) != RESET))
            /* Call I2C Master complete process */
            I2C_ITMasterCplt(hi2c, ITFlags);


      /* Process Unlocked */


   return HAL_OK;


In I2C_Master_ISR_DMA function, the  __HAL_LOCK return a busy flag and cannot proceed with upper layer function in my application. Basically, the program is constantly in interrupt with dead lock. 


How this could happened on I2C line ?

Is there  an issue in the HAL itself because it is reponsible to take care of all interrupts and lock/unlock semaphore boolean ?


Thanks in advance for your supports.


Best regards,