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STM32 STemwin support

Question asked by mahadoria.gajraj_sin on Mar 13, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2018 by Andrew Neil

Hi All,

i am looking for the support regarding STemWin library (STemWin526_CM4_IAR.a).


Sharing the project details –


  1. Controller – STM32F439 @ 180MHz
  2. SDRAM – 16MB
  3. LCD I/f – 24 bit RGB
  4. LCD Pixel Clock – 15Mhz
  5. LCD Resolution  – 480 * 480
  6. Development Environment – IAR Embedded Workbench


We have developed an application using STemWin library to display aircraft parameters.


Our display update requirement is 50ms.  We have profiled the display APIs execution time in our test platform & noticed that without Antialiasing functionality it is taking around 40ms. However, when we enable Antialiasing it is extending upto 150ms.


Likewise, if we directly display onto to the LCD, we are facing flickering issue. To avoid this flickering if we include Memory device, then additional 90ms is consumed by copyToLCD API.


Effectively we are observing with Antialiasing & Memory Device the execution is around 250ms. Our end objective is  to achieve < 50ms.


We are seeking professional support to optimize the execution time in the STemWin Library for our configuration. Request you to advise me on the issue.