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Remote Firmware Update on B-L475E-IOT01

Question asked by stewart.mikael on Mar 13, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2018 by neven nikolov



I have the STM32L475 IoT node discovery kit which is advertised as having support for remote firmware upgrade (RFU) via the AWS cloud demo project.


I am using System Workbench and am reading in UM2178 section 5.7.2 that an additional PC utility is needed to produce the "simple-code" format required. Where can I find this and/or an example of simple-code so that I can make my own app if needed?


Additionally, the firmware will not compile with RFU #defined (why is it disabled?) because se_def.h and se_interface.h are missing and are not included with X-CUBE-AWS. Where can I get these?


Additionally, UM2178 section 5.7.2 also talks about the flash locations defined in the project .icf file. I assume this is for IAR because the file does not exist in the SW project. What is the SW equivalent? The linker script does not look prepared for RFU.


Additionally, UM2178 section 5.7.2 refers to "simpleformat.h", but this is not included in X-CUBE-AWS. Where can it be found?