Balazs Menyhart

ClassB STL package WWDG start-up self test causes CubeHAL assert

Discussion created by Balazs Menyhart on Mar 12, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2018 by Petr Sladecek

Watchdog start-up self test of ClassB STL package causes CubeHAL’s assert_param macro to fail at WWDG initialization when USE_FULL_ASSERT is enabled:

In the stm32fxx_STLstartup.c file the STL_WDGSelfTest function sets 63 as watchdog window value. This causes assert_failed call in the HAL_WWDG_Init funcion, because IS_WWDG_WINDOW(__WINDOW__) macro requires a minimal value of 64 for this configuration parameter.

( We are using STM32F429 microcontroller. The required value 64 is given in stm32f429xx.h device specific definition file in CMSIS, but I guess it is the same for all F4 series. )